Sanatana Dharma Foundation (SDF) is pleased to announce its success in causing a breakthrough in Hindu consciousness through Hindu Unity Day in the DFW Metroplex for the fourth consecutive year. The specialty of this year’s Hindu Unity Day is the speeches by world renowned speakers namely Dr Subramanian Swamy, Sri Kamal Kumar Swami, Sri Tapan Ghosh and Sri Rajiv Malhotra. SDF honored them with the “Dharma Raksha Kshatriya” award. This year’s award recipients were Sri Kamal Kumar Swami, Sri Tapan Ghosh and Sri Rajiv Malhotra. Previous award recipients include Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, Dr. S. Kalyanaraman, Francois Gautier, Dr. Kosla Vepa and Dr. Kusum Vyas.

The speakers were also felicitated with a check for their tireless leadership and dedication for Dharmic causes. More than 400 people attended the event hosted at Holiday Inn Express in Plano, Texas. The Program started at 11 AM with Veda Parayana by Narasimha Murthy of the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple. Kalyan Viswanathan, the President of Sanatana Dharma Foundation welcomed the audience and talked about the agenda of this year’s Hindu Unity Day. Dr Prakasa Rao from Global Hindu Heritage Foundation introduced Shri Kamal Kumar Swami. Sri Swami spoke about the state of Temples in Andhra Pradesh, the neglect by the state government and the steps he is taking as part of his organization called Hindu Devalaya Parirakshana Samithi.

After Sri Swami’s speech, Sri Rajiv Malhotra spoke about his new book “Breaking India” and how western interests are dividing India today. Free lunch was provided to all audience. Sri Tapan Ghosh spoke about his efforts on protecting the Hindus in West Bengal. The final speaker, Dr Subramanian Swamy spoke about “Adharma of corruption and the way out”. He also emphasized the point of why and how a Hindu should be a Virat Hindu., the official videographers will be releasing a special DVD of this Hindu Unity Day. The attendees were thrilled by the moving speech by all the four speakers and every one of 400+ attendees felt “I am a Hindu and I’m proud of it”.

The audience was spell bound by the speakers and gave feedback that they could not forget such a speech in their life time. Volunteers from various Hindu groups like Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, Hindu Swayam Sevak Sangh have put enormous efforts to make this a great success. The newly formed Youth Forum of the SDF actively volunteered various tasks. Apart from the participation of Hindu individuals, several organizations like DFW Hindu Temple, Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple, Sri Satya Sai Baba Group, DFW Cultural Center, Chinmaya Mission, Flower Mound Hindu Temple, Amma Karunamayi Group, Flower Mound Hindu Temple, Sri Ram Mandir, Art of Living Foundation, Seva International and several Hindu Organizations attended this event and made it a grand success.

Speaking about the success of the 4th Annual Hindu Unity Day, Kalyan Viswanathan, President of Sanatana Dharma Foundation thanked all the attendees for showing up and supporting the cause of Hindu Unity. He said that he is glad to see that SDF and its volunteers executed on the core agenda of SDF which is "Causing a breakthrough in Hindu Consciousness". Sanatana Dharma Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal of promoting Hindu Values, traditions and community involvement. Apart from various activities, they have been conducted Radio programs, Seminars, Newsletters on Hinduism since the last 4 years. Additional information is available on